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With a deep passion for learning and knowledge, Chris is an avid enthusiast of mathematics, computer science, physics, philosophy of mind, and economics. If you have any questions or comments about what you read on this website, feel free to email him at: NoSpam@ChristopherLind.Com (Replace NoSpam with Chris) Articles:
Article: What is information? 4-10-2005
Article: Logarithms, the FIRST calculators 5-6-2005
Article: Patterns In Mathematics: Randomness, Order, and information 5-7-2005
Article: The relationship between the binomial expansion series, trees, probability, and counting 5-10-2005
Article: What is Money? Part I: The origin of money 5-12-2005
Article: The foundation of all knowledge. 5-27-2005
Article: Natural Law. 5-27-2005
Article: Law and Order(A bridge to natural law theory) 8-6-2005

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