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About Chris

By day, I am a software developer who has worked in the accounting, eCommerce, industrial automation, and currently the credit card processing industries. My passion is philosophy of mind. By night I research and write about the nature of mind and decision making from a Christian perspective. I have a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Illinois.

Consciousness...the Final Frontier

Consciousness...exploring the true nature of mind or "inner space", truly is the final frontier of science. Where is your your mind created by your brain...does your brain crate your mind? Such questions have occupied my thoughts ever since I was a teenager. I truly believe they are some of the most important questions one can ask...and strive to get real answers to. What we believe about such questions shape the decisions that we make, moment by moment, whether we are aware of it or not, and regardless of whether one has even contemplated such questions before. Where do you go when you die? If our minds are created by our brains, then when you die and your brain your mind with all of its' thoughts, memories, emotions, dreams, goals, and desires...ceases to exist forever. If however, our minds are not created by a brain or any other physical process... if our minds are spiritual in nature...then suddenly an afterlife becomes a very real possibility. Obviously, a person who believves that when they breathe their last breath, that is it...their life is over, is going to be motivated to make different decisions than a person who believes that their life is eternal.

According to Webster’s dictionary, the word economy comes from the Greek word oikonomia. Oikonomia comes from the word oikonomos, meaning household manager. The word economy in its original form meant, the “management of household or private affairs and especially expenses”.
The soul of management is decision making. Economics is literally the study of how and why human beings make decisions in the face of scarce resources.
Within the fields of mind and decision making, my research areas of interest include:
  • Philosophy of mind, ethics, law, and aesthetics
  • Mind, Computation, and Decision making
  • Brain-to-Computer interfaces


I am the founder and creator of the following websites and ministries - The website of the Mind of Chist Ministries.
Mind of Christ Ministries performs basic scientific research into decision making and the nature of mind from a Christian perspective. We then use this research as the basis for talks and educational materials that raise public awareness and acceptance of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ by showing how belief in a non-material (i.e. spiritual) mind is consistent with the findings of modern science. - The website of Robots for Home.
Why AREN’T our machines mowing our laws, washing and putting away our dishes, and folding our laundry for us? Robots For Home™ believes the answer is because…they CAN’T. Ultimately it is a human mind, and not a machine, that is the underlying source of the intelligent behavior in our “intelligent” machines. This is not a limitation of our current technology, but a fact about the universe we live in. Robots for Home™ explores the non-material nature of mind and decision making through practical, hands on robotics projects that do useful work around the home.
Robots For Home™ Mowbot™ test of Motor Control functionality with on board 12Volt power supply.
Link to Mowbot™ video on YouTube - The website of the Simple Digital Computer Company
There is widespread belief that a brain is a sort of biological computer, and that “computational processes” running in the brain are what ultimately give rise to consciousness or mind. The Simple Digital Computer Company™ challenges this belief by showing how computers work right down to their most basic level…the switch.
Simple Digital Computer Tutorial Part 1

Online papers I have written:

Additionally, I am interested in the nature, philosophy, and history of money, banking systems, and the mechanics of our modern debt based fiat money and associated central banking systems.
My research areas of interest include:
  • Modern banking systems and how they work
  • The nature of money and banking
Online papers I have written:
This book establishes reasons for believing in the existence of a non-material mind. The existence of a non-material mind is then presented as the basis for economic decision making, ethics, law, and aesthetics.
An audio version of the book has been produced which can be freely downloaded from A paper back version is available at
If you have any questions or comments about what you read on this website, feel free to email me at: NoSpam@ChristopherLind.Com (Replace NoSpam with Chris)

Projects and Interests

How to make decisions. Being led by the Spirit of God
This is an article on the nature of decision making.

Searching for Spirit. Searching for Truth about Mind and Morality
This is a website devoted to philosophy of mind and the natural, moral law God writes on our hearts. It offers reasons for believing that your mind is not created by a brain or any other physical process.

Simple Digital Computer Project

When I was about 12 years old, I was introduced to programming in Quick Basic. Ever since that time, I have always wanted to know how to design and build my own simple digital computer. I wanted to know how one worked right down to the level of bits, bytes, and logic gates. About 15 years later I finally took the time to research and build one. I created a seperate website, Simple Digital, to document the project

Math Expression Parser Project

This is an API that I wrote to simplify mathematical expressions. It has support for most calculator functions such as trig and log functions and also supports variable names. Math Expression Parser Project

Why we see the world in 3D Project
By Chris Lind

Learn the core concepts and fundamental principles that make possible the 3D "virtual reality" style video games, CAD programs, and movie special effects so prevalent today. Believe it or not, if you can draw a straight line and know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, then you can write your own simple 3D engines!
click here to learn more...
Draw a:

Angle X degrees
Angle Y degrees
Angle Z degrees
World X inches along X axis
World Y inches along Y axis
World Z inches along Z axis

eBooks by Chris Lind

Laying a Foundation
Learning the fundamental principles of a successful exercise and nutrition program.
By Chris Lind

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Articles by Chris Lind

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